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A performance Inspiring from the reproduction of Sockeye Salmon fish

Conceived and Performed by Tai Dang

Music : Henri Greindl

Video : Katherine Chuclik

Instalation design : Todd Mueller and Jennifer Sirey

Illustration slide : Esteban Maochi

Lighting design : Bo Yamashita

Like all species of Pacific salmon, sockeye salmon are anadromous, living in the ocean but entering fresh water to spawn. Sockeye salmon spend one to four years in fresh water and one to three years in the ocean.

In Alaska, most sockeye salmon return to spawn in June and July in freshwater drainages that contain one or more lakes. Spawning itself usually occurs in rivers, streams, and upwelling areas along lake beaches. During this time 2,000 – 5,000 eggs are deposited in one or more “redds”, which the female digs with her tail over several days time. Males and females both die within a few weeks after spawning.

Copyright©2020 Tai Dang  
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